Professional Development

Course Syllabus

Technology Tools: Conducive for Collaboration and Enhancing Efficiency with Ease

Mr. Ezad


Description: This course is designed as a professional development crash course that will give teachers ideas for practical and purposeful ways to use technology to drive instruction and promote Common Core skills. Click on the following link to go to the professional development, and join this crash course on technology tools, using the code y6g7kr. 

Access to a computer as well as video editing software such as iMovie is required.



Learning Objective:

·      Learn to utilize technology to make the delivery of instruction  more efficient (immediate, convenient , collaborative and accurate)

·      Discover benefits of various types of technology and multimedia projects

·      Learn how employing use of technology can make the class more efficient


Course Progression:


            All activities should be completed in the following order that they appear on the course outline (see below). The activities will involve use of software and applications found in the list of 50 Educational Technology Tools that Every Teacher should Know About. That list divides the technology tools in to four categories: Social Learning, Learning, Lesson Planning and Tool and Useful Tools. The activities will cover at least one tool from each category, so by the end of this professional development course, you will have a well-rounded knowledge of what tools you can use and how they can be used for the aforementioned purposes of immediacy, convenience, collaboration and accuracy.


            We will dedicate one week to at least one piece of technology from each of the aforementioned categories. At the beginning of each week, you will be introduced to these technologies and potential uses, and there will be video modeling how to use that technology tool for the specified purpose. Throughout the week, you will create an activity using that technology tool, which you will execute at the end of the week. There will be a minimum of three posts that should be made to the discussion forum each week. The first post will be an outline of the activity. The second post will be a reflection piece on how well the activity went. The third post will be a comment offering fellow participants feedback on their activities.  



Week 1: Lesson Planning and Tools


Using Google Docs to collaborate with your colleagues and for purposes of immediate feedback.







Week 2: Useful Tools


Using Youtube to post a created a video for a flipped or blended classroom: Why videos can make the learning process more immediate and convenient. 



Week 3: Learning


Finding existing online content for a flipped or blended classroom.




Week 4: Social Learning


Creating your own unit on Edmodo to promote collaboration inside and outside of class.









Assessment for Outlines of Assignments



Assignment does not use the technology presented in the video and does not use ideas presented in the video to create an assignment that relates to the Common Core. 



Assignment makes good use of the technology presented in the video to create an assignment that relates to the Common Core.  





Assessments for Reflection Posts



Proof of implementation of the lesson is not provided and the post is not substansive; reflection as to how the technolgogy made the lesson more immediate, convenient or accurate is absent. 



Proof of implementation of the lesson is present and the post is substantive; reflection as to how the technology made the lesson more immediate, convenient or accurate is present. 




Completion of each week’s assignment will grant you a professional development certificate for four hours of professional development. You must receive a score of a two for every required field in each week in order to earn the certificate.



If need be, Google Hangout sessions can be arranged if you would like to discuss and share your ideas with me or any of our colleagues participating in this professional development crash course. See the flyer below for details. 

At the end of the professional development session, please fill out the following survey: